Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blind Date with a Book!

Jorge on the set of Blind Date with a Book
Jorge on the set of Blind Date with a Book

This Valentine's Day, we at LITS have decided to play cupid. Wandering through the bookshelves, we have handpicked an array of books that are single, and very much available.

So if you've been meaning to catch up on leisure reading, or rediscover your estranged love for books which have nothing to do with your classes, drop by the library on Thursday, February 14th for a blind date with a book. Don't worry, we definitely have your type, whether it's dark, romantic and handsome, mysterious and magical, serious and kind of nerdy, or perhaps a bit silly altogether.

While true love may be blind, these book-dates will be dressed for the occasion. Look at the hints on their wrappings to pick the one you'd like to know better. Who knows, it could just be love at first read!
Who will the be lucky one to bring this book home?

PS. Bring wing-men/women.

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