Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LITS Liaisons: Here to help!

I'd like to introduce myself and a few of my colleagues, your LITS Liaisons. As the Research & Instructional Support team, we're here to help students, faculty and staff with research or instructional technology questions and needs. Among other things (like making decisions about what books, films, and databases to buy, and working with faculty to support the integration of technology in their teaching), we meet with students about their research projects. This is one of my favorite parts of my job.

If you are just starting on a research paper and are wondering if you've chosen a manageable topic, we can help you find "what's out there" and narrow or expand your topic if you need to. If you're working on a thesis or similarly in-depth project, we can help you identify the important resources in your field and finesse your searches so you can find exactly what you need. We meet with students at any point in the research process and with students who have a wide range of research experience and expertise. Whether you're brand new to college-level research or you're already an expert library user, we'd love to hear about what you're working on and help you find what you need more effectively and efficiently.

Research can be a time consuming and even messy process, but we really enjoy it. The world of information is vast and complex, and the availability of so much information online has made it even more complex. We are a resource for you as much as the books and other resources in the library. There is a LITS liaison for every department on campus, so no matter what you are working on, there is a liaison with expertise in that area.

Meggie Lasher ('14) and I met to discuss her research on portraits of Augustus
This photo might have been staged. Meggie is one of our wonderful Research Help Desk Assistants. While we snapped this photo during one of her shifts, the caption is true: we did recently meet to discuss her research on portraits of Augustus!

To get research help, you can stop by the Research Help Desk in the main Reading Room (during staffed hours, a liaison is always available for drop-in help), set up an appointment through our online form, call us at 413-538-2212, or email us.

Working on a research paper this semester? Come talk to us!

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