Thursday, February 21, 2013

LITS Student Employee Profile: Mary Alice Martin in ASC!

Mary Alice Martin

Houston, Texas

Mary Alice with the baby she helped deliver last summer!
Class Year:

Critical Social Thought—Maternity care and midwifery in the United States

Student Employee Position:
Outreach Assistant in Archives & Special Collections

When did you start working in Archives & Special Collections (ASC)?
Spring 2012

How did you hear about the position, and why were you interested?
I found the position through JobX. I was interested because I had never been down to the archives before! I had worked in my library in high school, and I was determined to work for LITS here at MHC.

What is your favorite ASC project thus far? Least favorite?
My favorite project in ASC has been putting together this year’s Valentines exhibit. I had so much fun looking through the Valentines and deciding which to display. Book of the Week in the reading room treasure case is also a blast. I love browsing the rare book room looking for early editions of my childhood favorites. 
My least favorite project would have to be the Buildings and Grounds filing that I worked on my first two semesters here. I learned more about the MHC buildings than I ever wanted to know. And I’m still working on this a bit.

How do you think this position has helped your professional development?
I’ve loved learning about different outreach strategies this semester. I think it’s important in every field to learn how to make material relevant and accessible!

Career goals?
Catching babies. (Midwifery!)

Favorite class at MHC thus far?
Donnie Cotter’s Science, Revolution, and Modernity—CST 248.  I highly recommend it.

Anything else you want to share?
The archives are so interesting and really fun to just explore. You should come visit us in the basement!

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  1. Mary Alice is the Best! What a great place to work on Campus.