Monday, April 22, 2013

Through Our Lens: Dancers in the Library

Many of us in LITS were pretty excited to learn that two of our past (awesome!) student employees, Mohini Ufeli and Ifeyinwa (Ify) Arinzerecently had an exhibit at the Blanchard Art Gallery. Titled Through Our Lens: Dancers at MHC, the show consisted of beautiful color and black-and-white photographs of MHC dancers moving through the campus (inside and out), and included a set that used the Library. FYI: the online exhibit is still on view! We love the photos, (especially the ones taken in the Library!) and we wanted to learn more about the series, so Mohini and Ify graciously answered our questions and provided us with these three images from the exhibit.  Enjoy!

LITS blog: What are your majors, (or what are you concentrating in) at Mount Holyoke?

Mohini - I’m an English major, with a journalism concentration. I recently declared the Nexus minor in Journalism, Media and Public Discourse, and I’m focusing that around photojournalism.

Ify- I am a Neuroscience and Behavior major.

LITS blog: What was the inspiration for this series of photographs? Are you dancers yourselves?

Mohini- We aren’t dancer ourselves...not officially anyway.

Ify- Like Mohini said, neither of us are dancers. However, I follow the work of some dance photographers which I find very inspiring. Last semester, I shared them with Mohini, and we both thought it would be great to feature different MHC dancers, while using the campus as a beautiful backdrop.

LITS blog: What was it like photographing the dancers in the Library? Did the dancers have particular spots they wanted to be in?

Ify- It was great! Initially, we wanted to take all the photographs outdoors, but due to weather changes as well as our schedules, some shots had to be taken indoors. So, Mohini & I decided to explore spaces in the library that we liked and seemed well-lit.

Mohini- The library has such interesting spaces, and it was exciting to see the way the dancers explored them. Actually, our first shoot happened at the library and as a start to the project, it was quite inspiring.

LITS blog: Do you have any plans for further photos in this series/subject, or do you have another amazing new project planned?

Ify- I believe we ended the dancers project on a good note. Since Mohini will be abroad in the fall, which is my last semester at MHC, we hope to collaborate on a future project that involves traveling!

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