Friday, May 17, 2013

LITS Student Employee Profile: Kelsey Bentham on the LITS Web Team!

After two years of work making new things possible on the College website, LITS student employee Kelsey Bentham is graduating this weekend and beginning her professional career in an exciting new position. Congratulations to Kelsey, to our other departing LITS seniors, and to all the 2013 Mount Holyoke College graduates!

Kelsey Bentham

Wilmette, Illinois

Class Year:

Computer Science and Studio Art

Student Employee Position:
Web Programmer

When did you start working for the LITS Web Team?
Fall 2011

How did you hear about the position, and why were you interested?
I heard about the job through JobX and thought that it looked like something that was relevant to my interests and my major.

What is your favorite LITS Web project thus far? Least favorite?
I think my favorite was also my least favorite, I was working with another student on migrating a bunch of content from an old news system into what was at the time the current news system. It was really interesting and challenging but it was also very frustrating.

How do you think this position has helped your professional development?
This position has definitely helped my professional development. It had opened me up to a really cool subsection of computer programming, as well as some awesome communities that I probably would not have otherwise been exposed to like the HighEdWeb and Drupal communities.

Career goals?
After graduation I will be working for a web development company called where I will continue working with Drupal and programming for the web.

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