Friday, August 30, 2013

Class of 2017 Meet the Class of 1917!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our new students!

As part of our welcome from LITS, we created an interactive online exhibit all about the Class of 1917 to give a more in-depth look at what college would have been like during their four years and also to help our new students think about what makes this college so special today.

Based on the letters and scrapbooks of three young women (as well as one class scrapbook), we've attempted to not only give the facts but to bring a sense of connection to these students. Hopefully the incoming students will make that connection and in turn find a deeper connection to Mount Holyoke.

The website is now live so feel free to peruse through!

Hortense Hubbard's College Scrapbook, Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections, circa 1917, Mount Holyoke College Memory Books Collection

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

LITS New Student Orientation Highlights: Welcome Class of 2017!

We are having a FANTASTIC time welcoming the Class of 2017 to campus, and we can't wait to see returning students in a few days!

We want every new student to know....
  • LITS = Library, Information, and Technology Services. Come to us for help with anything library, research, or technology related!
  • We are friendly! We want to talk to you and help you navigate this maze of amazing resources (not to mention the maze of our beautiful building). No question is too small!
  • The library is full of beautiful spaces and treasures: artwork, special exhibits, quiet nooks, soaring Hogwarts-esque ceilings, fun events, and of course all the things you can discover through books, music, and movies. As our 2013 orientation tag line says: "Ideas grow here!" Come explore and be inspired!

A few highlights from this action-packed week:

Impromptu dance party at the button-making station in the library courtyard
Meeting new students and their families at the LITS Family Welcome Reception on Wednesday
The amazing Zine Club making magic at the zine station in the courtyard
Returning students leaving words of wisdom for new students on "leaves" climbing the double staircase.
Stop by and add your own!
Our awesome "Ideas grow here" LITS tshirts!
Designed by our very own super-talented Mary Stettner (pictured, front right!)

New students, we hope to see you Friday night at M&C's in the library! And the LITS fun doesn't end with orientation... stay tuned for the LITS Scavenger Hunt, Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, a video game-themed Game Night, and more throughout the semester!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to Moodle!

Would you like some help getting more familiar with Moodle, our new learning management system?

Using Moodle @ MHC, our new support site, is ready for business. Want to know how to do the most common tasks in Moodle? This is the place to go.

The support site also has links to moodle hands-on workshops for faculty as well as a printable quick-start guide for faculty. Are you ready for Moodle? Because it's ready for you! As always, if you're not sure what to ask, or if you need help via email, over the phone, or in person, please contact your LITS liaisons. See you on Moodle!

Friday, August 16, 2013

What's going on in the courtyard?!

Over the past two weeks, mysterious activities have been buzzing in the LITS courtyard...

...or not-so-mysterious if you have heard that LITS will soon be the proud home of a new sculpture by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly! The well-head is covered and protected; the base is secured. Next week a team from the Chihuly studio will install the sculpture! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Library Catalog Down 4pm August 9 - Mid-day August 10

Due to electrical work at the UMass Library, the Five College Library Catalog will be unavailable from 4pm Friday, August 9 till mid-day Saturday August 10.  Please note that this also affects EBSCO Discover Supersearch, MH Links (SFX), and WorldCat as these systems will not be able to retrieve call number and availability information from the catalog during the outage.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's In YOUR Bag?

Imagine for a moment that you have just quit your job. You will now abruptly transition from being an assistant principal at Ipswich Female Seminary to spending all of your time and energy raising money to found Mount Holyoke, one of the first institutions of higher education for women. You travel for three years seeking donations, despite the severe economic depression. According to common legend, you collect these funds in a small green velvet bag.

You single-handedly circulate advertisements for the school, convince influential people to support your mission, and conduct research on various other forms of education. Once you have raised the funds and support, you oversee the foundation of the seminary, from the construction of the building and purchase of equipment to the hiring of teachers and selection of students.

Mary Lyon's green velvet bag
Mary Lyon accomplished all of this when she worked from 1834 to 1837 to found Mount Holyoke Seminary. Despite the many critics who told her that higher education was not suitable for women, and despite her constant exhaustion from her busy life, Mary Lyon persisted in her mission.

LITS has been inspired by Mary Lyon and her green bag to begin a new student outreach and social media campaign, called "What's in YOUR Bag?"  This content will connect with Mount Holyoke's new branding campaign.

We will be welcoming the incoming students (Class of 2017, Frances Perkins Scholars, and transfer students) with a gift of a canvas tote bag during Orientation Week (August 28th-September 3rd). The bag says "Ideas Grow Here," and contains informative materials, buttons, and helpful tips on how to navigate the library.

We are hoping to make a connection between Mary Lyon's green velvet bag, and the tote bags being given out to the new students (with a green handle for Green Griffins)! Both bags contain important physical items: in Mary Lyon's bag, the funds for Mount Holyoke, and in the LITS tote bags, helpful and fun materials for new students. But they also hold less tangible qualities, like Mary Lyon's spirit and dedication, and the courage and passion of our incoming students.

A sample of how the #MarysBag tweets will look!
We are using the concept of the bag as a jumping-off point for our social media campaign. We hope this project will act as a mechanism to encourage discussion and reflection on the qualities that the MHC community embodies.

We would like to hear from you to contribute to this campaign! The content will appear mostly on Twitter, using the hashtag #MarysBag. We would like to know what you keep in YOUR bag.

These can be anything from character attributes like leadership and resourcefulness, to physical items like your reusable water bottle from Commencement or euros from your trip to Amsterdam. In essence, we want to know what Mount Holyoke has given you, and what you give to Mount Holyoke.

Please comment on this post or tweet at @ASCatMHC with what's in YOUR bag by Friday, August 30th!

Photograph of Mary Lyon's Green Velvet Bag, circa 1837, Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections, Mary Lyon Collection 
Office of Communications. "The Founding of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary." Mount Holyoke College. 2013. Web. <>.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Get your Game On 2: Return of the Game Night!

Last week, LITS and the Office of Student Programs co-sponsored the first ever "Get Your Game On" event in the Dwight Hall MEWS. Folks played a lot of classic crowd pleasing games, like Life, Uno, and Scrabble, and some newer ones, like Scallywags. The highlight of the evening, however, was the brand new old fashioned popcorn maker LITS just purchased! This four foot tall beauty was assembled (with only a slight amount of difficulty) by the Archives staff and made its debut at the first game night. Overall, the event was a roaring success. It was attended by students on campus for the summer, LITS staff, and family. Upset that you missed the fun? Never fear! There's another game night this upcoming Tuesday, August 6th from 6-9. Check out this tumblr post with more details.
The new popcorn machine!