Friday, August 16, 2013

What's going on in the courtyard?!

Over the past two weeks, mysterious activities have been buzzing in the LITS courtyard...

...or not-so-mysterious if you have heard that LITS will soon be the proud home of a new sculpture by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly! The well-head is covered and protected; the base is secured. Next week a team from the Chihuly studio will install the sculpture! Stay tuned!


  1. Will the class flags remain up while the sculpture is on display?

    I know that many were upset when the flags were taken down for the paper thing and were hoping to see them again... But I think that the new sculpture and flags together would be a regal sight-- honoring MHC's traditions and powerful legacy while looking forward to the future!

  2. Excellent question! We will be blogging soon about this in more detail. The short answer is that the flags will coexist with the sculpture, but the fabric of the flags has deteriorated significantly and they need to be repaired, so there will be further delay before they are back in their proper place.

    We're planning on doing a series of posts about the repair process to keep everyone in the loop (and because fabric conservation is fascinating!)

  3. Thank you Alice! I look forward to that series (as well as the rest of the wonderful LITS blog posts). Go LITS!