Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do not mutiny, fellow MoHos!!! The curious incident of the disappearing flags.

It is quickly spreading through Facebook and Twitter that evil LITS has taken away our beloved class flags. But hold your plans to riot, people! As a flag-loving MoHo, I feel that some explanations are in order. The source? The flag-loving librarians at LITS. Now, let's address some of the existential problems many of us have been suffering in light of the missing flags:

1) Can't the new sculpture and flags coexist? 

Yes, they can! The new sculpture in our atrium is by Dale Chihuly, the country's leading glass artist. The work has come as a donation from an alumna.  Custom-designed for Mt. Holyoke, the sculpture is not meant to obstruct the atrium's landmark class flags. So breathe, don't fear change, and appreciate this beautiful artwork we're fortunate to have.

2) I won't graduate without the flags.

The flags were made in 1993 by Pat Hayes, an experienced silk artist from the Pioneer Valley. Originally part of her "Symbolism in Silk" series,  each flag is handmade and signed by Pat, making them artworks in themselves, not to mention indicators of which side of the staircase to take. While it is popular legend that you will not graduate if you don't walk up the side of the staircase on the same side as your class flag, there is NO OFFICIAL RECORD in the Archives of such a tradition. But if you still fear taking the "wrong side" up, we have put up temporary paper signs as indicators.

3) Flags are pretty. Point blank.

We cannot agree with you more. The flags are beautiful and WE DID TRY TO PUT THEM UP this summer. Unfortunately, we found the fabric to have aged so much that it was tearing under its own weight.

New dilemma:

4) Whaaaat?Are the flags gone forever?!

Fear not, Mt. Holyoke is coming to the rescue! The Alumnae Association has generously donated funds to restore the flags. The Theatre Department's Elaine Bergeron, Costume Shop Manager and textile restorer extraordinaire, is working on the important task of restoring the flags to their former glory (yay Mt. Holyoke for having such great resources!). So yes, the FLAGS ARE RETURNING, after getting their deserved dose of TLC.

For updates on the Flag Rehabilitation Project, and the amazing work in the Theatre Department, keep calm and keep reading the LITS blog!*

*LITS and I sincerely hope that this post has resolved any flag-related traumas and, for the safety of this community, forestalled mutiny.

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