Friday, September 13, 2013

Omnomnom... Candy Quests!

Ever wished you could be Charlie, diving into chocolate waterfalls, in Willy Wonka's factory? Or perhaps Hansel and Gretel, nomming on the Gingerbread House (minus the Wicked Witch, of course)? Well, here's your chance, because LITS is turning into candy land!

Before you get ahead of yourselves, let's clarify: this isn't going to be a free-candy-fairy-tale. There aren't going to be Snickers hanging from the ceilings or Twixes tucked between the stacks; in fact, it's going to be better.

Starting Monday, September 16th, LITS is asking you to become treasure hunters in the LITS Candy Quests. On four consecutive Monday mornings, we'll post a quest on the LITS Facebook page, Twitter page, and on your favorite campus-graffiti-spot, the ASK LITS board. Run through the secret stairways, the hidden doors--and if you're lucky, the Room of Requirement-- to solve each week's quest. Discover the secret passphrase to find your candy-treasure!

So come discover the library, the fun way, and spread LITS' sincere philosophy-- candy is, oh, so dandy!*

Food for thought: It might be helpful to justify the act of running around the library, seeking a sugar rush of questionable nutritional value, if you thought of it as constructive procrastination. Perhaps, even, educational. We highly recommend it.

*Words to live by, inspired by Ogden Nash

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