Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't lose everything or anything !

In the past few weeks LITS has seen a rise in the number of students coming to us with catastrophic losses of computer hard drives and schoolwork. If you're one of those students, we are so sorry to hear about this. And for all of you: have you backed up your work? 

Do you need help figuring out how and where to back up your schoolwork? 

Here are some options for safeguarding your work; we'd suggest picking at least TWO of these methods:

-Need to save a big paper or project NOW? Sending a copy to yourself in email or making a copy on a flash drive are great do-it-now fixes, but don't stop there, email space is limited and flash drives can break.

-Another great do-it-now solution: every Mount Holyoke student has space on Google Drive. Get started backing up your class work at

-External hard drive backup: available from your favorite online retailers and from local computer stores. Here's a guide to selecting one that suits you: (Also useful for backing up all of your photos, music, movies, film and art projects that are too large for email or google drive, etc.)

-Use a cloud storage solution:,2817,2413556,00.asp (Many of these can be set to automatically back up files every night.)

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