Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Haunted Mount Holyoke

By: Kelsey Abney

In Renee Mallett's book “Haunted Colleges and Universities of Massachusetts” she names Mount Holyoke's students as the “most ghost crazy” in the state. While many of the stories in her book are not ones which I have heard during my attendance here, she does feature two of the prominent ghostly theories which the student body often discusses. The first is the fate of Mary Lyon's body. While the grave of Mary Lyon rests on Mount Holyoke's campus, there is significant controversy over whether or not her body is actually there. Popular rumor states that students from Wheaton stole her body so that she could be buried on the Wheaton campus, which she had also helped found.

Mallett also features the common story of the Wilder ghost; The locked dorm room on the fourth floor of Wilder has been the subject of speculation for decades by the Mount Holyoke student body. But this does not outdo her other research, which reveals that at least a few students can attest to having ghostly experiences in both sides of the Mandelles, Torrey, Buckland, and Porter. It is said that in Porter there resides a lady in white, who is often quite friendly to students, but remains there because she was married to Deacon Porter, who spurned her for his love of Mary Lyon. While there is no archival records of these stories, many today on campus can attest to hair raising experiences during their years here. A blog from 5 years ago, gave students the opportunity to submit stories about their ghostly experiences. However, little maintenance has been done to preserve these stories in recent years.   

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