Friday, October 4, 2013

Honors theses at the click of a button?

She's Filled With Secrets: the Mythology of Landscape in the American Western

"We Hid Books in Bags of Sugar": South African Histories in Opposition

Does Height Matter? The Effects of Take-off Elevation on Forelimb Movements during Jumping and Landing in Cane Toads

Intrigued?  These are just a few titles of recent honors work by MHC alums!  LITS can help you discover and access a deep collection of honor theses from on- and off-campus.

Start your search by entering the term "undergraduate honors thesis" (including the quotation marks) into the keyword search box in the MHC Library catalog on the LITS homepage.  Make sure you click the Mount Holyoke College button to refine your search.

This will return all the MHC honors theses available through LITS.  Starting in 2005, many theses are available in both paper and digital versions.  All honors theses submitted to LITS in 2013 are available as digital only.  To access a digital version, just click through the catalog record directly to the Institutional Archive where the these "e-versions" live. Note that online access to some theses are restricted to the MHC community, so you may be prompted to login with your username and password.

If you find a paper copy you'd like to read, head on down to our Archives and Special Collections where they are shelved!  Since the paper copies of theses do not circulate, Archives staff and students are happy to help locate what you're looking for.

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