Sunday, November 24, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Here at the Mount Holyoke College Library, we realize that with all of the business of life, especially at this time of year, students often do not have the time they might like to browse through our large collection of books. Due to the absence of time, many parts of the library remain undiscovered, such as the shelves on the 4th floor specifically for new books, or floor 2 1/2- home to the microfilm machines and our large collection of periodicals. Hopefully some of the wonderful items of the Mount Holyoke Library displayed below can persuade you to wander through the bookshelves between studying for final tests and composing term papers. Often many of the gems of the library are among the oldest and the newest of what we possess.

This first selection, a headline from the Mount Holyoke newspaper, is among the artifacts that can be easily found on floor 2 1/2. In order to access floor 2 1/2, all one must do is walk through the main library doors and go in between the two stairwells which lead up to the 4th floor reference room. Upon entering floor 2 1/2 you will be greeted by 2 microfilm machines, numerous microfilms, and to the left and right, thousands of academic journals which today are often only seen in digital form on your computers. You can also find old copies of newspapers, including Mount Holyoke's own newspaper, which has run for over a century.

In what must have been a terrifying chapter for Mount Holyoke college, the headline "Safford Hall Burns" is seen running across the top of the page. A reminder of the importance of fire safety even today, it is difficult to understand what heavy emotion this article would have been written with.

Meanwhile, far away from floor 2 1/2, one can find Platform 9 3/4, where new books of all kinds can be found. Among these books, a short and interesting read called "Harry Potter and the Millennials" has been available for check out all semester. Just the title alone promises to let many of the students on campus heavily identify with the series. Many other germs can be found in the new book section, again, located next to Platform 9 3/4 (on the 4th floor to the right when coming up the main stairs.)

Everybody is encouraged to explore the holdings of the Mount Holyoke library in upcoming weeks. Give yourself a break from the stresses of writing final papers, and find a book to dive into!

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