Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tell It Forward: LITS Staff 'Zine Profiles

By now you probably know that here in LITS, we love 'zines. But did you also know that Amber Welch, who joined us recently as Librarian & Instructional Technology Consultant, loves the local landscape, and might want to manage an orchard someday? 

What is your favorite physical space in LITS? 
The sixth floor stacks.

What are you psyched about in LITS? 

When you're not spending time on campus, what do you like to do in your spare time?  
When I'm not on campus I'm usually hiking in one of the state parks around New England or just walking around my neighborhood. Being outdoors is essential to my overall health and wellbeing, so it's a priority in my day to day life. I also enjoy creative endeavors (knitting, crafting, sewing) and visiting art galleries and museums. Since I'm so new to the area I usually try to visit at least one new place in the region each week, but I also value spending time in my immediate community and getting to know new people with shared interests. 

If you weren't at MHC working in the Library, what would you be doing? 
To be completely honest being an academic librarian was my dream career, but if I wasn't a librarian I'd happily own a small orchard in Western MA or Vermont. I'd also like a handful of chickens and some goats. I am currently brainstorming ways to "have it all" by continuing to be a librarian, but also have a small agricultural enterprise of some sort. Stay tuned!

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