Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Am I registered for this course? Am I still on the waitlist? But I'm in Moodle!

You may be wondering, did I get into this course? Am I on the waitlist? If I'm in Moodle for this course, I'm registered, right?

Not so fast, true believers! Here's how Moodle roster updates work:
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Moodle copies information from ISIS, our student registration system, every few hours during the semester. This updates the list of course participants in Moodle regularly to match the list in ISIS. Information NEVER EVER copies from Moodle back into ISIS. If you're not registered for the correct course in ISIS, you're not registered for the course and cannot get credit for the course, no matter which Moodle courses you have access to. By the way, you can learn more about using Moodle in our Using Moodle @ MHC support hub.

But what if you're on the waitlist for a course in Moodle? What if your professor added you manually to a Moodle course? 

We give waitlist students access to the Moodle site so that they can start to do reading and study while they are waiting to see if they're in the course. And professors can add a student manually to a Moodle site. But remember, Moodle access does NOT mean you're officially registered! Check ISIS and make sure you're properly registered-- we'd hate for you to do a lot of work for the course and not be registered, but it's your responsibility to make sure all is right in ISIS-- Moodle access is NOT official registration.

You can also leave the waitlist for a course in ISIS, and once you do so your Moodle access to that course will cease. So if you're sure you're not getting into a course, removing yourself from the waitlist in ISIS reduces confusion for everybody.

The last day to add a class is February 3, so check your enrollments in ISIS early and often, and happy studying. 


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