Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MHC Archives/Asa Kinney Re-photography project

Asa Kinney, 1904

LITS Digital Assets and Preservation Services (DAPS) Digitization Coordinator, James Gehrt, is working on an independent study project involving the MHC Archives Collection. This project is based on the work of Asa Kinney, a Professor of Plant Science at MHC. Kinney was a botanist and a prolific photographer who captured campus scenes, architecture, and group shots around Mount Holyoke from 1898 - 1942. James's project is a part of his Masters In Library and Information Sciences studies at Simmons College. This independent project will involve accessioning boxes of previously unseen glass plates. James will then select 20 scenes to re-photograph and build an online exhibition showing the span of time on the MHC campus.

Most of the images that have not been accessioned are from Kinney's personal collection. These images include family portraits, garden scenes, plant experiments, and copy images. Here are a few samples:

James is keeping a blog that documents his process and discoveries as the project progresses. Feel free to follow along! There you'll find biographical information about Asa Kinney, technical details on the often fragile original materials, and some surprising images long hidden away.


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  2. This is an exemplary project at the intersection of traditional archival methods and the new work of digital curation.