Thursday, April 17, 2014

International Newspapers in the Library

Mount Holyoke is nationally renowned for our almost 25% international student body and as a result many Mount Holyoke students are likely personally invested in international affairs. There is so much going on internationally from the territorial conflict currently taking place over Crimea to the Syrian war to the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Did you know that you could get the story straight from international perspectives? The library has subscriptions to over 25 domestic and international languages. Not only can you learn about current events as they happen, but you can learn about them from the perspective of the very people who are experiencing history!
These newspapers are from all over the world! There are newspapers from every continent and several from the United States that represent different viewpoints domestically, to ensure that readers get a balanced perspective on current events.

This hotspot for the global citizen is located right off the main reading room on the way to the computer lab, so you can stop by during your next study session and take advantage of the library's international resources!

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