Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LITS Student Employee Profile: Eva Moshkovich on the LITS Web Team!

Eva Moshkovich's three years on the LITS Web Team were a very busy time for the College website, and she helped us through some major changes. Soon she'll be moving on to her job as a full time software engineer, but first we've asked Eva to answer a few questions about the work she did here.

Eva Moshkovich

Beltsy, Moldova

Class Year:

Computer Science major, Math minor

Student Employee Position:
Web Programmer

When did you start working for the LITS Web Team?
Fall 2011

How did you hear about the position, and why were you interested?
I found out about the position through JobX, and since I wanted to be a computer science major, I decided that a programming-related job would be both useful and related to my interests.

What is your favorite LITS Web project thus far? Least favorite?
I found setting up a blog in Drupal and investigating different functions that Drupal provides for blogs, both in Drupal core, and with additional modules, to be the most enjoyable of the projects I did. Migrating information from faculty profiles from the Mount Holyoke website to Drupal was my least favorite one since it involved a lot of copying and pasting.

How do you think this position has helped your professional development?
Through this job, I was able to gain experience working in a professional environment, where programming is very different from the programming I did in class. This is a rare opportunity for a college student. When I was interviewing for internships, as well as for jobs, having previous work experience helped me stand out among the applicants. I was often asked to talk about my work as a web programmer, and sometimes was even asked questions related to web design programming.

Career goals?
My career goal is to become a software engineer. After graduation, I will be working at Conning as Software Developer.
Favorite class at MHC?
Speaking from Experience

Anything else you want to share?
One of the great experiences I had while working at LITS was going to the HighEdWeb2013 Conference. I met many experienced web designers there, and attended talks about technical aspects of web design as well as web standards and good practices. I believe this experience made me a better web programmer.


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