Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Faculty: what you need to know about Moodle this fall

Here's a roundup of the things you'll want to know about Moodle as you're getting ready to teach this fall. 
  • Need to move stuff from an old Moodle course site to a new one?  It's easy and we have a video tutorial explaining how to do it!: 
  • Once you've got your site set up, you'll want to make it visible to students. We upgraded to Moodle version 2.6 in May 2014. For the most part the new version doesn't look very different from the old one, but the place you go to make your course visible to students has moved: it's now toward the top of the Edit Settings menu in your course, rather than way down the page: 
    You can read more about making your course visible to students on our help site. 

  • One of the most common questions every fall is this: "How do my Five College students get to MHC's Moodle, and how do they make sure they're in ours, and not the Moodle on their home campus?" For courses that are taught at Mount Holyoke College, students should always go to https://moodle.mtholyoke.edu, whether this is their home campus or not.  More information for Five College users is also available on our help site. 
Feel free to pass on links to these pages, quote the text to your students as needed, and contact your LITS Liaison if you need help. In general, please don't hesitate to write to your individual liaison or to all of us at ris-d@mtholyoke.edu if you need Moodle assistance.

Speaking of which, we've redesigned our moodle help pages in response to faculty feedback; come check them out!

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