Monday, August 25, 2014

Keep Calm and Ask LITS, part 1!

We are thrilled to welcome new students to Mount Holyoke this week, and to introduce them to all of our services for success here in LITS! So that all of you new students can get to know all of the ways we in LITS can help you, we've asked returning students to share their LITS success stories with you this week. First up is Ruilin Fan, Class of 2017:

"I am a rising sophomore and the services that LITS offers has helped me tremendously over my 
past year as a scrambling and panicky firstie. For me, the library was the place to be for studying, socializing, and even occasional napping during finals (the couches are so comfortable!). Just as 
any MoHo student, I ask LITS for help when I need guidance navigating in a body of literature for 
a research project, when I need to access a much-needed book, and when I just have the most 
random question to put on the Ask LITS board.

"Once I was caught in a New England thunderstorm without an umbrella and with my computer in a non-waterproof backpack. After being drenched in rainwater, the said PC refused to turn back 
on as it made angry grumbling noises. It was LITS Tech Help on the fourth floor that nursed my 
abused computer back to health. Just twenty minutes later I was able to take my again working 
computer back to classes!"

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