Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keep Calm and Ask LITS, part 2!

Welcome new students! All this week we're sharing stories from current students about how LITS has helped them succeed at Mount Holyoke; we offer so many services for success and we want you to know all about them! For example, did you know that there are library and instructional technology liaisons for each department who are here in LITS to help you? Today's story is from Tiffany Privat, a Frances Perkins Scholar and Class of 2015, who met with the English Department liaison:

"One of the ways LITS has helped me during my college career is by teaching me about the myriad of resources available to utilize while doing research. I consulted with Mary Stettner, a librarian and instructional technology liaison, while writing a paper which bridged concepts of nineteenth century and present-day feminism. It was extremely beneficial to receive her advice and insight. It created an awareness that was helpful in projects following, as well. I love books and have always felt comfortable in libraries; I thought I knew best how to find and access what I needed. Mary helped me to push further and extend my searches past what was apparent. Her specialized knowledge and focused instruction continues to help me when I am researching or contemplating a topic on which to write."

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