Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Keep Calm and Ask LITS, part 3!

Today's the big day! Welcome to all of you new students arriving on campus! We are Library, Information, & Technology Services and we are here to help you succeed at Mount Holyoke! All week we're featuring success stories from current students so you'll know more about our many services. Since today is a day of great change and excitement, we know you naturally may be feeling a little nervous or stressed. Kimberly Dildine, Class of 2016, is here to tell you how LITS can help with those feelings too:

"I am grateful for LITS’ sense of humor. I often come to the library to work on something stressful, to get a change of scenery and a new start on a difficult assignment. LITS helps relieve some of that stress and gets me to smile with small doses of lighthearted comedy. Charging stations for electronic devices are marked with “Never Fear/Charge” signs, a witty play on the college’s new slogan. Jorge, our favorite goose with a love of bread products, has worn many hats for LITS, including a Mario hat, a witch hat, a crown, a top hat, and a hipster beanie, thanks to Mary Stettner, Librarian and Instructional Technology Liaison. 

LITS staff are often heard thinking up silly memes and funny sayings. Last April, every bathroom stall in the library was equipped with a newsletter claiming that hammocks would be installed and eye masks provided to improve student napping, the Archives would be guarded by a dragon, and that an unnamed LITS employee had volunteered to take on the position of library ghost. I am glad that our library is not only a place to come to for answers and quiet study space, but also a place where we can laugh."

There's nothing like the Ryan Gosling meme to brighten your day! 

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