Friday, August 29, 2014

Keep Calm and Ask LITS, part 5!

When classes begin on Wednesday, remember that LITS has so many services for your success at MHC! For example, there are librarians and instructional technologists here to help you with one-on-one consultations. Today Samantha Levreault, Class of 2017, shares her story of how a LITS staff member helped her succeed with an Environmental Studies assignment:

"Last spring I took Intro to Environmental Studies. During the class, we had Caro Pinto
come in and talk with us students about how to research for our commodity paper assignment. She showed us how to use the Discover search on the LITS website, and how to effectively gather our data. After her lecture to the class, I was able to do a lot of research on my own, but as I started writing the paper, I felt a bit -- well, actually -- I was VERY lost in figuring out how to organize all the data I had gathered. 

So to organize my thoughts, I set up a meeting with her and brought in all the research I had done. The notes I had taken were very good and I cited my sources just as she had showed us in the class she spoke in. When I met with Caro, I wasn’t euite sure of myself because I hadn’t ever done a research paper like this before. She had me show her what I had done so far and helped me figure out my next steps. By the end of our short 10-minute meeting, I felt confident in my ability to organize the data I had collected. I found writing my paper to be easy because when I was in the research stage I had written down notes about what each source had to offer in case I needed to go back to the books. The paper turned out fantastic, and I now have a feeling of security for the next research paper I will be asked to write!"

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