Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Omnomnom! Eat and Greet!

As the weather gets colder, and papers get longer, have you ever wished you could just stay put in the library, and not hike across the world to Blanch? Have you hoped that food would magically appear in the Reading Room, or that there would be a LITS feast? Then you will be glad to know our most well-kept secret: the Research and Instructional Support (RIS) librarians are undercover foodies, and they know how you feel!

In the cavernous realms behind the ASK LITS board lie their official dwellings aka. their gingerbread houses. But our librarians are hardly bad apples, grumpy behind towers of books. They love having visitors and seekers of food for thought. So, to dispel any myths about the scary and famished land of research at this library, the fantastic RIS librarians are asking you to dine with them for the first-ever 

Eat and Greet!

Where:   Research Help Desk, Reading Room
When:    October 16th,  2-3 pm

Come by the Research Help Desk at that delectable date and time to pick up your map to the seven different offices, each housing different librarians.

Jorge at the Research Help Desk
Jorge awaits your visit!

And wait, there's even more choice on this menu: each librarian specializes in supporting different academic departments, so each office will have a different fall goody to snack on!

Eat your way through the map, and discover to whom and where you can go for your research and technology needs.  And at the end of this banquet, you can enter to win a Rao's gift card for your future library-hunger pangs!

We promise, our undercover foodies want to help you with your research, and feed you (even when you feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew).

Nourishment and research, all in one: productive procrastination, don't you think?


Psst. Another secret: some of our librarians are great cooks!

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