Friday, October 24, 2014

Spokesgoose Jorge On the Move

Before there is a campus wide panic that Jorge has left us forever and been replaced by an imposter, let us reassure you that the real Jorge has not left the Mount Holyoke Campus (nor is he likely to) and can still be found swimming in Lower Lake, honking at obscene hours, patrolling the Prospect Patio at mealtimes, and just making a general nuisance of himself. However this lovely little chap, pictured to the right, (who has impeccable manners barring the odd bagel) has gone on a journey.

This past summer I worked for Historic Huguenot Street in my hometown of New Paltz, New York. Earlier in the spring they had a visitor in their archives in the form of a Northern Long-Eared Bat. While the real bat flies free they now have Archie the Archives Bat as their social media mascot.

Archie has his own twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts to promote findings in the archives and material objects collections, events happening on the street, as well as promoting awareness about bats. He has procured many friends along the way!

Meet Virgil the VAM Gnome. Virgil hails from the Virginia Association of Museums and is known to pop up at events in that area. Virgil and Archie became friends via instagram. When Virgil sent Archie a letter in July, Archie just knew he had to go visit his friend down in Virginia and went off bearing gifts from Huguenot Street.

What does this have to do with our intrepid goose?

Naturally, Jorge was just a little bit jealous of all the fun Virgil and Archie were having. After all, he is quite a well traveled social media star! After much flapping and honking we determined that Jorge wanted to go visit Archie himself. So we sent off our favorite goose with some of his favorite buttons, stickers, and zines to visit Archie! Though we haven't heard back from the friendly bat we're hoping to hear from him soon and will keep you updated when he does!

This project is way to reach to other museums, libraries, and archives in order to have fun with social media but also to learn more about what we're all doing and how we do it! Do you have any other mascots that you think Jorge should meet? If so, leave a comment down below, send Archives a tweet, tell us on tumblr or instagram and we will try to arrange for Jorge to travel out to meet them! 

About the author: Margaret Stanne, Class of 2016, is a student assistant in Mount Holyoke's Archives and Special Collections. 

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