Friday, March 13, 2015

Build your job skills with

Seniors, there’s a good chance you’ve begun thinking about your post-graduation job hunt. Spring break could be the perfect time to get a little extra career knowledge and skills under your belt before graduation! Check out Mount Holyoke’s pilot subscription to, an online library offering thousands of video tutorials in technology, creative, and business skills. With Lynda you can learn how to use software for web design, master digital photography, become a project management pro - the list goes on! Find out how to log in with your MHC username and password here (works off campus, too!).

For all you job hunters, we’ve created a playlist of Lynda videos about the job search, resume building, and negotiating your salary.

For those of you looking to improve the “Skills” section of your resume, Lynda offers tutorials on everything from Excel to Illustrator to Python to Writing a Marketing Plan. If you’re wondering what skill would most benefit you in your job hunt, look at job postings in your field. Keep an eye out for skills that your potential jobs require in a candidate, as well as skills their ideal candidate would have.

The number of available tutorials in Lynda can be a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind that you can search the collection or "Browse the library" of courses by topic:

Once you've chose a topic, you can further filter the courses available by skill level, choosing “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” “Advanced,” or “Appropriate for all”:

Have a great spring break, and happy learning!

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