Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eat your heart out Elon Musk

Has the thought of taking the bus given you pause before registering for a class on another Five College campus?  Have you made excuses for missing a perfectly good party/concert/visiting speaker at Hampshire, Amherst, UMass, or Smith because you weren't able to catch a ride with a car-possessing friend?  Have you sucked it up anyway and taken that class or gone to that party and ended up regretting the time lost in transit?  Well, get your time back Mount Holyoke!  The Five Colleges have just become proud new owners of the world's first people-sized pneumatic tube transportation system.  Whisk to any campus in seconds on the Five College Hyperloop!  MHC's terminal is conveniently located in the library atrium.  Compressed air sickness bags not included.

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