Friday, August 12, 2016

Top Five Things You Should Know about Moodle 3.0

LITS has been busy over the summer with the usual updates and refreshing of our Moodle learning management system.  So now Moodle 3.0 is here, but to be honest it is not greatly changed from our previous version 2.8!  We don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting around in the updated Moodle, and you may even enjoy some of the small enhancements.

Along with some updated features, we also hope you’ll enjoy the new layout of the Moodle main page.  Hopefully it’s a bit cleaner looking and easier to navigate!

Here are a few items you might find interesting or useful to know about Moodle 3.0:

1- Personalization:
My Home is now Dashboard - with easier access to your courses and activities as well as the ability to customize your page using blocks.  Your Profile now includes a preference page: all personal preference settings in one place and the ability to use jpg files to upload your own image.   See our Editing Your Profile page for some notes about that.

2 - Text editor:
Enhancements in the text editor (e.g., for writing a Forum post) now allow you to drag and drop an image directly into your post and to create more robust tables within your text.

3 - Quiz tool:
Quite a lot of updating has happened to the Quiz activity, including  4 new ‘drag & drop’ question types!  It also includes the ability to create section headings and easier ways to randomize questions or make them conditional. Topping that off is the ability to easily print out a quiz: preview the quiz, and from that preview screen, print or save to PDF from your browser. The navigation menus on the left hand side will not show up in your printout.

4 - Course management:
Especially for faculty, there are some small refinements in course editing functions allowing you to work more easily with course sections (either topics or weeks), such as deleting whole sections and linking directly to the section headings.   There is also a new process for granting anonymous guest access to your course.

5 - Here's what hasn't changed:
Although there were some minor tweaks to the gradebook, it is still wondrously complex. Let us know if you'd like to talk about whether to use it or not, how to use it for your situation, and questions of that sort.  (Here are some tips that might help.)

What's the best way to get quick answers on Moodle questions?  Take a look at our Moodle help site. A lot of the basics are covered there!  Or if you prefer, you can always send a question to Research & Instructional Support (ris-d or to your specific RIS Liaison.