Thursday, November 17, 2016

Managing Moodle for the Long Term

LITS’s goal is to keep Moodle running at its best for all of our faculty and student users, both now and in the future.  In order to balance faculty’s ease of reuse of course materials while controlling the risks associated with maintaining Moodle courses after they have been completed, LITS’s policy is to keep 3 full years plus the current year of courses on the system available to faculty. This policy was developed in consultation with the LITS Advisory Committee.

Because Moodle is still fairly new, the policy has not yet taken effect.  But it will this coming summer so we’re trying to get the word out: in August of 2017, the courses from Spring 2014 and older will be deleted from Moodle.  This leaves three years of courses within Moodle for easy re-purposing or reference.

For those faculty who wish to keep a copy of their course materials, we will offer best practices and easy instructions - as well as some drop-in help sessions - for saving to personal storage, such as Google Drive.

Best practices in a nutshell:
If there are materials from earlier course sites that you wish to save, there are two quick and easy options:
  1. You can create a course backup file* and save it to Google Drive or other storage. This file will later need to be restored within Moodle before you can pull out individual items, but it maintains the organization of the files more exactly.
  2. You can download all instructor files* and save the resulting folder full of files to your Google Drive or elsewhere. This allows you to pick-and-choose to re-use individual files, but does not maintain the course structure. (Note: you could also print your course page as a record of your organization of the course.)

*The links above are all instruction pages on our Quick Moodle Help Site

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